Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

By Jennifer Yan

Fall sports have started up so our weekends have been pretty busy with Cross Country (Madden), Swim Team (Megan and Madden), and soccer (Madden and Myles).

On Saturday we went to cheer for Myles. Unfortunately, it was raining off and on so I left my camera in the car. Myles is really enjoying soccer again this year. He would much rather play offense than defense. I'll be sure to post some pics soon.

Matt and I got a chance to get all dressed up and attend the Air Force Ball on Saturday night too. I LOVED seeing him in his mess dress. :) Other than that, our weekend was pretty low key. Enjoy the pic!


Mari said...

Hi Jennifer! I've been on vacation this week, and was thrilled to see your posts pop up on my Google Reader when I got home.
Sounds like you are going to stay pretty busy for a while. :0
Nice pic of you and Matt!

Terri said...

I've just got Shaelyn to do sports with - I can only imagine how busy you are with the kids. Shaelyn started soccer 3 weeks ago too. Nothing like having kids to keep us busy - keeps us out of trouble! :)

Jennifer Yan said...

Thanks Mari, it feels GREAT to be back Blogging! I've missed you and look forward to catching up.

And Terri, I think sports keeps them out of trouble too! ;)