Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

By Jennifer Yan

This weekend was filled to the rim with non-stop activities. (and LOTS of photos)

On Friday night, we went to the local climbing gym to do some rock climbing. (Matt is an avid rock climber so we are all learning to rock climb) Unfortunately, Friday was a Japanese holiday so the gym hours were different than normal and we only had about 30 mins before closing time so we decided to just let Myles work on his bouldering skills instead.

Matt is showing Myles which color to climb.

Myles testing his strength on the angular wall.

On Saturday, Megan and Madden had a Cross Country and Swim Meet at a Naval Base 1 1/2 hours south of us so we took Myles to his soccer game which was held here. Myles' team won with a score of 7-0.

After the game, we took Myles and his friend to eat donuts and to watch the C-130's do some air drops. This was a rare treat because the planes usually fly during the weekday while the kids are in school.

Here we are sitting on the rooftop of Matt's work watching the C-130's.

The C-130 coming in for a 'touch and go'.

In the afternoon, Matt and I went for a 10 mile run while Myles rode his bike along side of us. It was nice to have Myles accompany us. We found that he was a great drink and GU carrier. After our run, we all rode our bikes up the street to 'Big Hairy Donkey' where we enjoyed dinner. (I have never seen Myles eat so much food!) Later that evening, Matt and I took the train to Tachikawa where we met up with friends at an Irish Pub called County Clare.

On Sunday, we drove to Mt Mito, an hour and a half west of Tokyo, to enjoy some outdoor hiking with a group of 9 friends and hiked up to the summit. The view was breathtaking.

The gorgeous waterfall about 20 mins into our hike.

That about wraps up our weekend. Hope you enjoyed all the pics!

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Anonymous said...

so glad you are back on the blog wagon. I love feeling like I am apart of your life. Thanks for sharing.